Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blinded by science

A Stirling engine, powered by warm air and temperature difference as opposed to hot air and general indifference.
The famous 3157 12volt auto bulb, never seen one in my life until today. Now I can die happy.
Though I know I should understand I never will understand why there are so many variants and variations in the design and specification of simple, disposable, consumable objects. What is the advantage of having so many different kinds of bulbs and fittings none of which are ever compatible? Well it's a free market and there should be no restraint shown on design and innovation and letting folks have the opportunity to take their own unique goods to that market so that they can see how they do is a basic right and you would think a benefit. So it doesn't matter what I think nor does it matter that my auto-jumble bulb collection will never run out, it will just slowly grow. Thank you Mr Jeep and Mr Volvo.

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