Friday, January 23, 2015

Food for thought

Peanut butter &
Today was unusual in that I drove three quite different vehicles all of which had automatic transmission, thereby immediately making the left foot lazy and redundant. They were; a 14 Ford Galaxie, an 03 Daewoo and 10 Smart Coupe. Now that I have arrived at the difficult age where (apart from knowing all the songs on Planet Rock playlists) I will quickly forget simple instructions and how to go back to driving a manual (or stick-shift as an American might say). Road testing was mostly carried out on the Alpine like steep hills, tight bends and long fast straights that is the familiar Top Gear favourite piece of high quality tarmac - the super highway connecting Burntisland to Aberdour.  Just put a little Matt Monroe on the stereo, adjust your designer shades and you're away.

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