Saturday, January 17, 2015

Favourite shirt?

Two people wearing shirts as well as other clothes.
It's a question that I often ask myself. It's also a question that I regularly find I can't answer. I probably have about twenty five shirts, some obviously worn more than others, some that fit better or are more "wearable" or just feel good. Some, sadly are nearing the end of their lives, a few more washes and they will be gone, stuffed into the bin after years of faithful service and tipped into the refuse cart on the second or fourth Wednesday of the month. That's how it goes, the life cycle of a shirt. Many of my shirts come from Debenhams, I have no idea why. Maybe it's because their shirt department is straight in front at the top of the escalator, not far from the gents loos. A convenient location you might say or is it their keen prices, reputation for quality and well laid out display area?  Tesco shirts are the worst then it's Amazon's unseen buys. Choices matter but it's all pretty random really, anyway a purge is coming up. Faded and tired out shirts, beware!

Danelectro do some crazy and almost disturbing guitars. I've never owned one, seldom played them either. The Sitar Guitar (directly above, below the Longhorn Baritone) is a classic oddball. At £388 who would buy such an instrument? It's not even anywhere on Ebay yet. Strange.

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