Tuesday, August 02, 2016

A world of Star Wars

They are going nuts here promoting Star Wars. It's a runaway gravy train of images, technology, mythology and money. Like stepping into some brave new world or religious cult the power of the force (of mass media exploitation) is irresistible. There is no escaping your destiny (young master) to return time and time again for the immersive rerunning of the film experiences played out in every possible way. The new park will be open in a few years, lay all your money down now. You cannot choose not to be fan either, somebody as done something strange to all of our DNA that compels and controls. So as the Stormtroopers swagger around fantasized streets keeping order and the blasters pump flare like colours across the sky we look to the future only to see more bright shiny things and good and evil colliding once again. The problem is figuring out who is who is who.

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