Monday, August 08, 2016

The difference between a madman and me

Dali Museum, St Petersburg: I spent the wettest day of the holiday so far with these good people. There are many such quirky and strange (private?) images on display here. Dali and Gala dressing up, cavorting on beaches and eating fish all across the Spanish coastline in the 1950s being a common theme. Anyway. This strange and stylish building in the run down and creepy town of St Pete's hosts some of the great man's best known works thanks to the $s of a rich American collector who's name escapes me. It took me a few hours to get round the gallery, the detail visible close up in some of the works (which range from huge to tiny) was truly wonderful and demands time, I could've been there for days. The prints and reproductions in books simply don't capture the colour, depth and hidden treasure of brush strokes and technique of the real thing. Neither does my feeble camera so I hardly bothered. 

Like any gallery there were crowds of dumb tourists picking their way randomly across the rooms, stumbling and fumbling and staring as if they'd never seen any piece of artwork, ransacking the gift shop, asking stupid questions, lining up for over priced coffee and bumping into each other whilst shouting out in strange accents...all sounds a bit like me really.

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