Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to the bench

A welcome return to some guitar fiddling and making final corrections. I did some adjustments and added an ashtray to #Smaug2. The ashtray does actually help a bit, it's been years since I played any Telecaster with one, they simply didn't look cool so were generally discarded by players. They still aren't cool but it's a useful hand rest and kinda makes the guitar look a bit different.

Masked and protectively taped for some final sanding along with wood dye and teak oil touch up. 

This (Dragon) Tele needed the neck height changed so it was unceremoniously removed and built up again using about 1/8" of veneer. Basically a thin wood and glue sandwich to push up the neck (due to neck-pocket damage) so that the bridge could be let down and so that the pickup clearance increased (what you get when you use recycled and battered guitar bodies). This took a lot of strain from the bridge adjustment and has made the action better. Sometimes it's good to build a guitar and then just leave it a while to consider what extra help it may need as it settles, none of them ever turn out right first time, it's always down to the last little pieces of tinkering.

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