Thursday, August 04, 2016

Good morning America

Shower floor layout featuring newly unblocked drain and cleaning products (human and shower). 
On top of the chest of drawers various unused and forgotten items lurk awaiting rediscovery. 
View from the office this morning - views from other windows are available.
Stumbling around this morning recovering from a large meal in the local pub in the town of Celebration, a kind of American Dalgety Bay. Three cheeseburgers formed the starter followed by fish and chips. The fish had been flown down from Boston apparently, quite an effort to make it to the plate. It was all heavy going in a light weight environment. Celebration remains a kind of cultural and design enigma, populated by slow traffic, golf carts, grey wanderers and Disney cast members. It's clean, overpriced, white and lazy and strangely disturbing, forming up in my head as a weird American time warp of an experience.

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