Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A King in the Land of the Dead

Strange to listen to Dylan's voice in a lecture, still with a sing song quality, still the same words and gypsy vocabulary, still the same weariness in the lilt and in the wasted tone. Perhaps it's remarkable, perhaps it's predictable, perhaps it's just dutiful and all as expected. Giving back to the great and the good so the Dollars can go to some worthwhile charity and the business circle can close like some door to a forever silent vault. Maybe it's a summing up of all those other words, those flat tunes, those violins and guitars, the on stage persona and the lurking madman in the creaking wings. Vehicles for angst and anger and wondering at the world because despite all the things that changed, nothing much did. We're all older now but we're not any wiser, that's just something that we flirted with briefly.

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