Wednesday, June 07, 2017


The word "Beat" can be found in the name Beatles, it's nothing to do with insect life at all so don't be confused. They were a successful beat group before that name was made redundant by either Harold Wilson or the Queen. Soon everyone knew the truth. People of all sorts cashed in and they made cultural waves no one could stop. Back in 1966 they were at the top of their game but they were still not on top (that happened later). The crowds were way  too big, the amps and PA were too small and everybody was just too excited. Then John Lennon made some honest remarks about Jesus and the shit really hit the fan, mostly in the USA whilst in the UK nobody really gave a fuck. There were other misunderstandings along the way, that's how it goes with fame. Now it's all history and rock magazine fodder, people are dead but Sergeant Pepper lives on as do the Beatles in glorious revised/remixed digital sound and grainy film footage. You can't do much about film really unless you sponsor a cartoon version so it's all as good as it gets. Funny to think that it was all more than fifty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.

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