Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Post Industrial

Before I cared about a lot of things. Things I thought mattered. Security and productivity and getting by. I was brainwashed and institutionalised it seems. Now those things seem odd. I defended them but governments and organizations and companies didn't. My life was fixed, their world was fluid and moving. I always thought things would stay the same but that's not how things are.We are the small universal cogs, turning against each other, spinning slowly as the gears grind. We feel the heat and the pressure of everyone else's moves, around and from far above. We are locked in, I am locked in. A machine that has given away it's engine, sold it's factories and allowed it's fields to burn. Not being needed is a cruel concept to accept. All so that there can be money made out there in wider markets, better markets, streamlined and unscrupulous markets and some kind of out-sourced prestige built up for us to wave a flag at, now and then when we're allowed out on the streets. Outside pacing on the concrete in order to stop the moss growing on the pavements.

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