Friday, June 02, 2017

Which Way?

Well if you know where north is you can never be lost. Here's it's marker, close to the head of an alien, some testicles, a key, a lizard, a symmetrical tree or a rendering of a splash or a firework display or whatever you see in the stonework. 

Anyway it serves as a reminder despite what the book may say that " all who wander are pretty much lost" and that "all who wonder are probably just trying to upload their history and CV to some recruitment site and finding the whole process somewhat taxing, over complicated and badly laid out." That may all be a pre-interview test or part of that selection process, there are sadists out there. Then you look at folks doing jobs in some areas and think, "how the hell did they ever get through the recruitment process", then you think "maybe a kindly friend, mentor or family member helped them", then you think "nah!" Then you review your life, where you are, where you're going and sit down with a cup of green tea and giggle to yourself.

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