Sunday, August 18, 2019

Boil on the boy

Green steps leading to a blue door in a photo quite unrelated to anything else.

As I slept a strange and not very wonderful thing occurred. I can't speak about it but I can type. An unwanted swelling on the back of my neck, possibly a member of the boil family (not Boyle) decided to expire. It did this without any encouragement but I remain grateful if bemused. It was all as painless as a chocolate fright in a faraway garden. As is usual in these cases clean water and Savlon was applied and so the fever passed into the night, into the darkness and of into and across the universe. And that my friends is how you deal with those odd medical and physical occurrences that happen from time to time unless you are completely sensible and go to the doctor's surgery. We shall not grow old, we'll just slow down a bit and log the changes as the batteries run down and steadfastly refuse to recharge as quickly as they used to.

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