Sunday, August 25, 2019

Slow world

Slow internet. Slow world. Slow motion car crashes. Slow motion relationships. I've returned to the slow world. Been out in the regular world all weekend, jamming, eating, drinking, chatting, laughing with friends. Another world. Now I'm in the slow, tired world of internet stubbornness. Unknown squirrels eating at unseen cables, failures in the system; chug, chug it goes or rather doesn't. Perhaps it's atmospheric conditions, a neighbour's habits and consumption, magnetism and other unseen and unheard appliances causing undue interference. I've heard all the engineering excuses, black magic and poor design, low on the list of priorities, somebody else deserves it more because there are less of you down in that green rabbit hole. Oh well then...

Here's some weekend pictures to remind of some tiny details I might otherwise overlook or fail to recall.

These are not my beautiful shoes.

In the middle of these skis no one stands, sits or does anything. They are not a pair.

In life you will find that there are many test situations and many opportunities to fail.

You (person not named Martin or the formerly employed and trusted Davie) just can't go around altering things you know.
An empty box that once contained six wine bottles.

Three wise switches.

Tea and apple juice.

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