Thursday, August 29, 2019

If 6 was 9

Confused by recent events? Bamboozled by political chicanery and deceit? For many of us the threat of both real and existential crises looms large. The world (our small and unreasonably stable world) is turning itself upside down and what if 6 really is 9 after all? Does that really matter or is it just yet another dumb, open ended meaningless question? This very exercise is pretty pointless really, being confused and indulging in the perverse joy and mystery of confusion doesn't help, it's not real. But then what is real? Civil unrest, civil war, economic collapse, new orders rising, old orders falling, uncertainty rules and in any weak moment 6 may well turn out to be 9 or the other way round. It feels as if stuff is on fire, somewhere out of reach and beyond treatment. That's what new and unfamiliar words do when they salt up your life with a spicy piece of rhetoric ...prorogue. Suddenly a new term has been released on an unsuspecting public and the "old order" is challenged by the reptilian elite. A tactic, a smoke screen, a coup? Fuck this shit.

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