Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Daily repetition


These cats look familiar. So do the headlines in the newspapers albeit they kind of rotate on a daily basis. "Some of this today, leave that till tomorrow, tweak it a bit just to add colour. Let's make this trivial event huge, keep the public interested in nuanced and inconsequential stories. Celebrity illness, flu from China, problems in the NHS, the Labour Party have a poor record on..." 

The big, bad, proper stories should be the headlines everyday: Corrupt media, wealth fails to trickle down again, Global warming (because nobody gives an actual fuck it seems) and introduce a little positivity: some things have actually improved, not all politicians are idiots so let's hear from some sensible ones who can offer good advice, medical science has escaped from the dark ages, some folks are doing good things for no obvious reward. Balance and perspective, reality v click bate and non-stories. 

Here's more tedious repetition.

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