Friday, January 24, 2020

Subvert the past

"I couldn't help but notice that all my time travelling was having a detrimental effect on my complexion."
I'm working on my PhD in Time Travel and the resultant issues, so far it's not going very well: Before I actually build my time machine I've a few issues that I'm struggling to iron out. I've noticed that out of the blue I'm a time travel skeptic. It's not going to work. No matter what direction in time you happen to travel in, it's not going to agree with your physiology. Any journey that takes you forwards or backwards beyond your actual age limits isn't going to go well. You can't travel in time and not age. Go forwards 100 years and you're a bag of dust and maggots. Go back 100 years and you're a microscopic stain. It's simply not going to work. You age traveling on a bus, a boat and space ship, it doesn't matter. In your body there is a clock that's running down, not up, nor can it remain at a steady state, suspended  out of time, so standing still and staying the same as time passes over and around you isn't survivable. Forget it. Oh, and the earth is flat (ish) in places.

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