Friday, January 10, 2020


Reflections on the lost cause of Scottish Independence: We're in an abusive partnership, where the rules and the parameters change all the time. The Unionists are clever, they're in it for the long game, they know they have the power and the fear. They control the facts, they have all the muscle. If you think you might challenge the UK establishment then you're in for a one sided fight. Look at how Harry and Megan are being treated. I'm no fan of the royals but the methodology for maintaining their "order" in things is clear. People who refuse to do their duty simply wont be tolerated, that's the first rule. Then they excommunicate you in a lather of self preservation, because you really don't matter. Don't expect fair play, kind words or understanding. Don't expect anything to change because I doubt it ever will, in the near future anyway and some day there will need to be a fight, a proper fight.

Here's a piece called "Reflections":

Looking out on, frozen waters,
I was bound to share the shame,
Here I stand now, cross the border,
Will my times there, just fade away?

Angry silence, grasses blowing,
See the clouds run, heading on,
All this landscape, seeking order,
Tell their stories, nevermore,

Years' oppression, takes the soldiers,
Voices silenced, losing song,
Words and promises, just growing older,
Broken down now, to bring it home. 

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