Thursday, January 23, 2020

Diamonds are whatever

Peace in her time: Smokey blue cat disguised as a black and brown rag doll. Simmering in a stilted sleep but awake and aware enough to register every move, creak, whisper and clink in the room. I am under constant observation, under scrutiny, I don't belong here. My behaviour is required to be steady, set at a slow pace, no sudden or unexpected moves, walking in thick socks, each step carefully planted. I am keeping the peace. Once in a while I succumb to the forces of gravity, I might power nap, lapse into the void of the over 60s wandered mind; a serious mistake. She dislikes not being watched, she senses that my senses have slipped away. A paw, then a claw, maybe a cold nose against my wrist or fingers. A faint mew. Feeding may be needed or entertainment or just the great magnet that is attention and obvious awareness. I agree and stroke her back, then in a flash she disappears, the cat flap snaps shut like a mouse trap missing the quarry. She's gone, there are bigger and better things out there, all far more interesting than anything indoors I might have to offer.

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