Friday, January 24, 2020

Mystic Pizza

Exhibit A.
The art world swoons at your latest creation, part graphic, part recipe, part abusive message. The ideal mixed media concoction. The card describing the piece has gone missing as has the price tag. Gaze into it whilst enjoying a glass of fine wine, ruby red, in a crystal glass fresh from a Waitrose carton.Your shoes may be pinching your toes a little, you've an itchy nose and stale breath, typical. In the room there are conversations but you are not part of any of them. That doesn't bother you. You arrived without a coat. People pass by, they have important things to discuss and then, once done they can freely enjoy all the voluminous goodbyes that follow as they leave for their well proportioned, minimalist homes and sanctuaries. Once there they take part in regular ceremonies most people would consider odd. 

You enjoyed the moment, for that was all it was and all it will ever be, another fleeting moment. Sixty (60) interminable seconds followed by countless more, all passing like sleek atoms spinning across your sightless gaze. A white rainbow. 

The staff attending are getting £8.50 an hour and it's 2020, they work hard to maintain a smile, they are well trained. They consider the experience to be first and foremost educational, some type of informal social research. They plan and plot graphs that might best describe it because they can't explain it using mere words. Don't ask them what they think of you (as if you would). One day they will rule over you.

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