Wednesday, June 03, 2020

You Understood

To be read in the narrative vocal style of Aidan Moffat: 

"I used to be a reasonable person unless I was being unreasonable, you were OK with that, you kind of understood. You knew I found things, well, difficult. My peculiar sleeping habits. The rodents. That was about all we could ever discuss, and the daily menu. I was tongue tied and you seemed to be able to say the things I couldn't quite. I thought that you had all the answers, all the eloquence." 

"Taking a stand or making a stand. The free and fluid thoughts that somehow I was missing out on. I'm not a planner. I never was but you, you were there sitting, eyes bright, thoughts coming thick and fast. I couldn't keep up because you were always seeing things that ... I  just couldn't. i thought it might break me but your strength buoyed me up. So now I'm relaxed, I'm in my safe space, comfortable with what's going on. Assembling garden furniture and irrigating the far corners where the soil is mostly dust."

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