Friday, January 12, 2007

Flanders Moss

impossible songs

impossible songs

It’s (not so) grim up North

Best and worse things about January? Hard to say when you are suffering from sunlight deficiency syndrome, seasonal boredom and enjoying a healthy and bracing buffeting from large amounts of unmanaged air moving across the surface of your home planet. I wonder when the next power cut will arrive.

OOTB put on a decent little event last night, the usual mix of the eccentric and unexpected in the Cannons’ Gait dungeon. Jim Whyte’s revamping of the raffle ticket, making them actually interesting and good to look at was a master stroke. I felt a bit of a dullard for failing to even think vaguely creative thoughts about them at all for the last eighteen months. Now the money is sure to roll in...

A cup of tea is always welcome. I’ve been drinking tea this week; at times anyway, I don’t feel any different so what’s the big deal?

Salads are good because you can eat them when they are cold so you can take your time and enjoy the eating experience. Unless of course you are eating a chicken salad and sharing the house with a cat who seems to suffering from cabin-fever and is acting like a cabin-fevered mad cat obsessed by a compulsive desire for chicken. I ended up eating my meal standing up with the cat clawing at my leg whilst he ignored the Tesco meaty chunks in his own dish.

Flanders Moss. The flattest place in Scotland, if you ignore the hills.

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