Wednesday, June 20, 2007

24 hour onions

cbq bridge & impossible songs

impossible songs

Some passing thoughts and observations:

The mice are dancing on the roof again or it may be raining.
A crow is tapping at the window because he thinks the woolly cushions inside are dead sheep. Darwin?
The squirrel is on the bird feeder along with a blue tit and chaffinch. They all ignore one another, as good animals should.
You may have to interact with people on line if you want truckloads of friends on MySpace.
The hammock of the gods is not in this garden nor will it drive our ships to new lands.
Vodka is an evil drink and no good comes from swigging large amounts of it.
Spicy onions are very bad; I particularly dislike the “24 hour” effect they produce.

New Job

I’ve been successful in the job market and got myself a new job. After waiting three weeks for the outcome from the interview a positive response came today. In the cursed three weeks I’ve gone through a cycle of emotions and moods, from fretting and nail biting to ambivalence and indifference. Now I’ve got it, I do feel at peace and quite pleased with myself. I wonder how long this will last? Ali says it's Karma.

In a Garden of Music

The great lost song of Alison's past has been resurrected from a deathly sleep or coma or something. Ignored for a quite a few years its right back in our big black book. I for one am glad and I’ve figured out the chords and other cute bits also.

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