Sunday, June 24, 2007

The unbearable lightness of Wii-ing

Roy Harper V Stella TM + impossible songs

impossible songs

Stella Tennant-McEwen.

If I ever take up a career as a drag act I think this would be my (special beer based tribute, lager and 80/- of course) stage name. I suppose it could double as a porn star name or a pseudonym if I ever tried to write some chick-lit or a serious but mainly anecdotal cookery book.

Hats off to Harper - for the last time.

Funny how you stumble across pieces of the past as you browse around on You Tube whilst doing the ironing. Today’s rediscovery has been Roy Harper, a favourite of mine in the early seventies. Roy fizzled out and of my radar for a long time and though his name comes up now and again, (as does his now famous son) I’m not sure what to make of him thirty odd years on. Some music doesn’t age or travel well and I really can’t decide about dear old Roy. It did strike me, watching bits of Glastonbury on the Beeb that many of the players in today’s new bands (How bad is that? A real granddad observation) aren’t really good “players”. They can churn out catchy, long and sometimes quite good songs but you get the feeling they’ve not quite got all the chords or colours in the paint box yet. The trouble is of course that once you get all the tones and pastels, the good ideas to match the execution dry up because your growth spurt has gone, aka that difficult third album and arguments with the drummer and bass player.

REM & the Muppets.

Yesterday on You Tube it was REM doing “Shiny Happy Monsters” on Sesame Street many years ago. How we laughed, how the children were confused, how the lyrics were altered and how Kurt Cobain hurt when he saw his heroes dancing with furry carpet off-cuts. The girl from the B52s looked ok though.

I need a Wii Wee.

It has to be the greatest advance in games since the invention of microwave popcorn or perhaps the DS. The Nintendo Wii is as funky as a train load of Swedish architects and as neat and tasty as Uncle Ben’s two minute rice. Now that it has arrived life will never be the same again, until the next new thing that is.

Imaginary illness.

I am less that 100% because I am but then again who is 100% all the time? Perhaps it is possible to be 125% at times and then 75% for an equal amount of time to compensate. Of course I have no way of knowing what 100% of how good you feel is when there are so many variables and variations to take into account. In life there are no reliable bench marks unless perhaps there is the small dark, warm wave of peace and contentment (an absence of anxiety of any kind) and fuzzy sense of well being that comes over you for a few moments just before you fall asleep at night. It’s all a bit like regularly dozing off during the commercial break in the Simpsons.

Tommy can you hear me?

Tommy Mackay v Tommy Sheridan on Talk 107 today at 12.30. The TM songs sounded great, crisp and vital as ever but Tommy S always has to have the last word and just where did he learn to talk like that? God knows who all listens to this show on a regular basis on a Sunday morning but great to hear Tommy Mac confounding the plodding Tommy S with his musical knowledge and supersonic wit. The former MSP wouldn’t last long in any serious debating society.

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