Sunday, July 20, 2008


A wet Saturday spent for the most part near Anstruther watching my daughter and her husband doing a parachute jump. How easy to handle or stressful can it be seeing your child (grown up) jumping from a ramshackle aircraft at 10000ft? It was however a fun day and the sun eventually shone on all the participants and I did have a nice bacon and egg roll and some plum pie ice cream.

Mistake of the day - driving on the runway.
Phrase of the day - "get over it!"
Drink of the day - coffee at the airstrip.
Drive of the day - Aberdeen to Anstruther in the rain.
Weather of the day - sunny eventually.
Sleep of the day - about three hours.
Film of the day - "Thank you for smoking", best film I've seen in ages.


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Near Anstruther, and you didn't drop in for a coffee ??

  2. I'm afraid we couldn't, had to wait all morning on the parachute jump so got to Enster at about 3 - and we were in three cars with 4 kids in tow. Next time..(oh and Ali wasn't with us either)..we'll do it.