Tuesday, November 16, 2010

41 years

Funny when you realise that many things happened 41 years ago, I could make a list but I won't bore you or myself any further. Deliberate mistake: the image is of the CD not the vinyl version. Back in the day (authentic Canadian expression) the word digital was unknown, cassettes were new and you could see Led Zep and Barclay James Harvest for less than a £1 in any given student refectory. (Sounds like many an old man rant recalling when you could enjoy Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby and the Marx Bros. and still get change, a bottle of cream soda and a fish supper for two sterilised Robertson's jam jars and a farthing.)

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  1. Well said. Such is the pity that all future generations will only know music as a digital throwaway item.