Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Back home after two days out there on my favourite road, the M40. It runs and runs and then it stops, then it starts and we all move on, as does life in general. The best part is the company provided by the programming of friendly Radio 4, odd, eclectic: Arthur Miller, the design of public toilets, multi-choice examinations and their origins, opera, the Electric Light Orchestra and Dublin. I live and as far as my deteriorating memory and powers of concentration allow I learn.

Top things today:

Emma's Spagbol reheated in the microwave.
Strangely nippy and likable Peugeot 207.
Against all the odds a Costa latte that I enjoyed and finished.
4 eggs, two sausages.
A clear ariel view of England and Scotland all the way home thanks to no clouds.
A snooze.
Potential snow and winter weather, (better to learn to love it and live with it I suppose).

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