Monday, November 22, 2010

Never had it... good. It's true and a measure of the strangled life and the slow death of free speech. You can still think what you like but keep your mouth shut and tow the heavy and abstract party line. Me, myself and my other various unattached selves are happy and most probably have never have it or any other indefinite thing so good or at the very least a good deal better than average and most certainly far beyond a lot of what most people have to put up with, also and in parallel trying not to be smug about it. The only outstanding issues are:

A small piece of roast beef stuck somewhere in my top teeth.
The need to find a donor car to provide a catalytic converter for Mr Cougar.
The lifting of the humiliating feeling of falling on my fat bum in mud at the football while deftly trying to trap a ball and failing spectacularly.
The small matter of repairing the frazzled Irish economy - help is at hand from a team of experts being released by our national disgrace RBS however.
Not looking forward to some sustained up and coming Flybe new and miserable experiences.

Once these minor irritations evaporate, it'll all be good.

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