Monday, December 17, 2012

Out Now!

In the heat of the non-existent battle and as ever conscious of our ability and appetite for serial time wasting we've taken yet another small step towards the deep end of musical obscurity. This celebration of all things mundane, mediocre and slightly delusional takes the form of a CD entitled:
which has currently been deposited in the eclectic musical data vaults of Bandcamp (it may well find it's way to other repositories in due course, that depends). From this mysterious location it can be listen to and downloaded apparently, if you're inclined towards that sort of thing. As it is the season to be more jolly than pragmatic we may also distribute a few copies to friends who are either hard of hearing or in need of a mid-winter jolt of some sort. At 10 Mid-Equator minutes the CD is fabulously short, almost sweet as a Malteser you might say and it plays quite well on all forms of modern sound reproduction equipment. Of course it's always wise to check with your local dealer or a trusted adult who understands the operation of such complex things. Anyway we think it's rather good, as for that red and itchy rash and the aroma of stale nutmeg, well the less said about those things the better.

Track 1 – Sea Cloud: Electric Guitar x 2, synth, drum loop and sea sounds.
Track 2 – Ibiza Zen Garden: Electric guitar x 2, bass, Dr Rhythm drums, Ali vocal sample and tiny bell.
Track 3 – Pimp my Dolphin: Synth x 2, drone and bubble samples.
Track 4 – Deep Blue Compression: Electric Guitar x 2, Bass, drum loop, Ali vocal x 2.
Track 5 – Barcelona Taxi: Dr Rhythm drums, Electric slide guitar, bass, applied echo.
Track 6 - Sea Cloud (Reprise): Electric Guitar x 2, synth, drum loop and sea sounds. Remixed.


  1. Just arrived and listening right now as I type...

    Delightful! A visit to Bandcamp is recommended

    10 minutes eh? I am working on new stuff - it went from 24 to 40 to 60 and now back to 36...

    We'll see...

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Hi. Just listenrd to your sonictastic wee album “Queen of the Seas” . My favorite Track is Barcelona Taxi. What the hell were you up to in that taxi...great stuff. I hope you are going to develope it into a song. :-)

  3. Thanks for the feedback gents. Seasons Greetings etc. etc.