Tuesday, March 29, 2016

No missed calls

Tuesday, no missed calls: The reason that this blog is slowly sliding downhill into banality and repetition and more repetition is that every time I try to type something a cat comes along and lies on top of my hands. This makes typing, thinking and concentrating very difficult. It also makes my hands itchy as he's a hairy kind of cat. It may simply be bad timing on my part, I may be the root cause, it may be a manifestation of writer's block (some manifestation) or it may all be a complicated delusion. I don't know. Cat don't care either. I do know that I've no real strong desire to take up the piano keyboard, I'll leave that to others. The other theory is that I'm simply eating too much fish and my brain is slowly turning into cod-liver oil. I should also read more...I'm working on that.

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