Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spam spread

I just like these old posters.
The strange and illogical patterns of spam email behaviour would be almost interesting if they were not so frustratingly stupid. Credit cards and loans abound yet relentless requests begging for money and bank details follow, erectile dysfunction cures and Brazilian girls ready to meet up at a moment's notice, sports clothes, e-cigs and whisky and other healthy lifestyle options, retirement and pension plans and then offers of incredible jobs far away in hot and glamorous locations should you change your mind, flight and hotel bargains and details of how to manage all those debts you've now accumulated, eBay super cars you could win and AA breakdown cover, PPI solutions and then easy ways to pay for your own funeral so there's no fuss when you snuff it. Of course whatever it is you've ordered there's always an easy way to collect the prized item at Argos.

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