Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pots, pies and procrastination

The pie in question, rather tasty.
Single coil in the soup.
Hard to make out but this is a Tele bridge pickup. 
The backside of a Humbucker gets a hot bath.

Mainly a stay at home working on other things kind of day and I ate a rather nice pie. Most of the afternoon was spent dipping guitar pickups in hot wax to reduce noise; unwanted and unpleasant noise that is. The devices are simply dipped into hot wax for about ten minutes, this fills all the coil and internal spaces with wax and quietens them down and stops the microphone effect. It's known as "potting" pickups. Then it was a busy period with the Dremel and Black and Decker doing some furious sanding outside on the various "reject" guitar bodies I'm working on, now they're all a bit smoother and usable. Then I coated the inner cavities with anti conducting paint just to top them off. The whole assembly process has yet to happen  for these pieces but I'm trying to meet my own KPIs, one of which is that the guitars I produce should work properly. Obvious you may think but not every guitar works like it should.

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