Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Saint George


Sad to hear of the death of George Martin though at 90 after a full and incredibly creative life; sad isn't really the correct term nor a useful word. So time to reflect. I should probably sit down and listen to Abbey Road or Sergeant Pepper or anything else on a long list of production credits, Flanders and Swan even. I wont though, I have memories and of course as the week progresses the songs and voices and anecdotes and tributes will tumble out of every spare TV and radio moment until we move onto the next big death. These defining sounds, tunes and effects we grew up with, puzzled expressions, puzzled parents as the loose cannons fired volley after volley across the lives of a spoiled generation. Stereo was a wonderful, magical black vinyl thing and headphones were the ultimate trip and somebody could make Ringo's drums sound really cool. We just didn't realise what was really going on at the time but we did read the credits over and over again.

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