Sunday, March 20, 2016


Apparently it's officially Spring, a moment I may well have missed, however it's been captured here in the quiet suburbs both in the morning and the evening by Mrs A G. So we've arrived and the tropics are on the move once more. I did notice a few little lambs out in the fields so there's further proof. There was a high presence of obvious townie types out there by Loch Lomond, shirtless and standing by smoking BBQ pyres. Bikers weaved in and out of the traffic in an irritable line of bright lights and electric green. Cars formed long queues desperate to find the next coffee stop and a clean toilet. The geese, formerly assumed to be flying south seemed to be all other place and flying in random concentric circles presumably looking for a clear picnic area. In the bushes fresh litter gleamed as I measured the length of the  traffic jam by Rolling Stones tracks listened to, a full nine from Exile on Main Street.

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