Saturday, March 26, 2016

We wuz there

Strangely the stars and planets aligned today and allowed DAFC to win the Championship due a) them winning and b) their nearest rivals losing, and it happened in March with many games still to play and even more strangely I was there and saw it happen, first hand. Seeing things first hand is pretty important, you are a witness, part of history and you have a testimony should you ever be asked to share it. If only other things in the wider world were as simple, turns out they are not (you'd never guess). They demand some judgement, perspective, belief (or unbelief) and the ability to see that truth can have many multiplied versions of itself, most of which don't really make any sense at all. This article has been bouncing around on FBook for a while, John Pilger is the author, it sets more questions (in the reader) than it answers and answers questions that you don't really want answered but not necessarily answers anything with the correct (?)  answers. Sometimes you just want to forget the world and live some kind of off-line life.

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