Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A distinct lack of porridge

Since the great dawn of unemployment (disguised as retiral) about 10 days ago I've been plagued by a heavy and stinking cold that has soured some of the new-life style experience. Each day consists of an unfamiliar struggle against coughing and rasping and a feeling of heaviness like a chest full of treacle. Some say that when you quit full time work and are released from the pressures you've absorbed for years your natural immunity system just collapses. It's as if your body is realigning itself with a new and less challenging lifestyle but as yet cannot tell where the lines of normality begin so mistakes are made. Well maybe so, I'm certainly smitten with something that's powerful and unusual for me to suffer with. Of course the solution may be much more simple and staring me in the face, the breaking of my daily porridge habit for example. I feel the need to recalibrate myself with some instant oats. This is all starting to sound like the death of Steve McQueen.

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