Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saving a bee

It actually happened today. A bee flew into our conservatory and slowly died, stuck in the heat and the closed space it hit the floor all punch drunk and fucked up, not a good look or situation. I administered a teaspoon of watery sugar and watched it wriggle and struggle with survival, I didn't think it'd make it but it did. A brave and resolute bee indeed.  After a few tense moments it began to buzz (as bees do) and it quickly flew up from the floor and out of the door and onto some waiting daffodils where it resumed it's god given mission. I almost cried at the happy sight.  Go Mr (or Mrs as the case may be) Bee.

Meanwhile the struggle with a dodgy internet connection continues; switch it off, switch it on...anything to avoid contacting the offshore help centre allegedly run by our profiteering friends at BT of course.

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