Thursday, April 21, 2016

P.S. from Iceland

Large sunflower used to keep bees happy in a thermally heated tomato glass house complex. 
Icelandic cheese board that contains only one type of (Icelandic) cheese.
Hot springs and geysers. 
An enormous waterfall. 
A glacier leading to the active volcano that stopped all trans-Atlantic flights in 2010.
Even after being home for a few days, chopping up logs and doing gardening I still haven't quite got Iceland out of my system. There are a few pictures on Instagram and FBook so I wont be a holiday bore and use any further ones here. It's over, the garage needs a deep clean, there's stuff to take to the dump, the weather is actually allowing us to go outside and I've a pile of ironing. This is normal, normal life in all it's warmth, colour and physically detrimental activity. 

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