Monday, April 11, 2016

Faces in things

There are many faces, expressions and moods on display in this (large) piece of driftwood that's been stuck on our beach for about three years. How it will be after another three years exposed to wind and weather? Looking a bit like the Elephant Man today.

I also put my face in  a thing today, a bus. That was strange, my first outing using the new Scottish Entitlement Card (which I wish they had called the Enlightenment Card but...) which gives the over 60s and the bewildered free use of public transport from here to eternity or maybe infinity. Living as we do two miles from a bus stop actually getting on a bus is always going to be a challenge and today's test journey was brought about by my need to collect my car from a local garage. So I trudged to the bus stop and duly waited in the chill wind for 25 minutes cursing that I'd failed to understand the on-line timetable's many detailed instructions and...times. When the bus finally came my card worked first time, a bit like the London Oyster and I was issued a ticket and travelled all the way from Torryburn to Dunfermline for free, so now I know how being considered old really feels. Perhaps Jesus did die for something after all.

Tomorrow I'll use the card to nip up to the boolin' club for a pint, the mosque for afternoon prayers and then head out to asda for coffee and donuts, or maybe not.

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