Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Three news stories running, all equally telling as to the kind of government we enjoy (?) and the attitude that the establishment hold toward the others (that's us, the commoners); Sir Phillip Green and his asset stripping of BHS and his toadying with senior politicians, the Commons vote that went against allowing the 3000 refugee children a place in the UK and the result of the Hillsborough Inquiry against the hypocrisy and lies that both governments and media have peddled over the years on that tragic incident. Make no mistake our overlords are anything but kindly and benevolent, they'll happily jail the doctors, fudge tax issues and hold their money anywhere but here. They are not to be trusted, believed or respected...but somehow the great British public has placed then in positions of power so we're stuck. Anyway, here's Clint the cat having a nap. I'm off to split some logs.

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