Wednesday, April 13, 2016

P Bass

After having fallen victim to a cold/flu bug for a few days I'm now slowly crawling back up to the world of the living, breathing and forever chattering classes, the experience not being so bad after all. My body will recover, my mind knows better however and floats and plots aimlessly and constantly unlessI'm asleep. So I've been passing the time sorting things out, idling and guitar fiddling. The guitar work is completely unstructured and opportunity based, a fine business model to adopt. Whatever I fancy I tackle. The anonymous ex -eBay Precision Bass got treated today, the cavity was wrapped in copper and I fitted new pickups and gave it a general clean. As a partscaster it's a bit of sheep in wolf's clothing or even a piece of turd polishing taken too far, we'll see when it's ready to be played. The pyrograhy on this one has also been played down, it's on the headstock only as I decided to stay with the traditional sunburst finish, one that remains one of my favourites. Keeping it all simple; in other words and that dishwasher won't empty itself (yet).

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