Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing to say on Twitter

Snowdrops by Duncan Jones.
Twitter beats me most of the time, I'm unable to make that jump into #territory even when I could/can. I can't quite think and summarise or sum up in 150 characters, most days. Tonight there was ample opportunity, the (irritating) Brits, football, Glasgow Rangers, the poor sound quality for Blur, Adele being cut short, pasta and cheese for tea, the M90 traffic, Volvo S40, bird shit on the roof of a car, breakfast biscuits, the dentists, apple pies, the wind or a tall furniture van knocking down tree branches, a dogging traffic jam in the Newton lay-by, Chelsea, River Monsters and the Wolf Fish, slow motorbikes, Nick Clegg talking pish. It was all there to be recorded and reheated and re-Tweeted. #couldn't be bothered.

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