Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Watching out

At last the tension has been broken, the waiting and the interminable watching is over. I've finally managed to buy another car. No more mind numbing late night searches on Gumtree, Autotrader or Ebay, no more wandering about used car lots looking for some unloved and affordable specimen, no more stupid comparison making, no more trying to figure what features I really want and, worst of all, what car is actually cool enough for someone as uncool as me. Now I can get on with doing the things I should be doing,  whatever they are (and of course worrying about clunks, clicks, squeaks and other mystery noises coming from the new to me vehicle).

In other even more tedious news the winter thick vegetable soup diet is currently doing battle with a serious coalition backed cold virus that is determined to gnaw it's way out of my head via my nose. I'm resisting like mad but it's not enough, not yet anyway. Once again the drugs don't really work nor are they even remotely effective.

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