Friday, February 24, 2012


And so it was that I came to put my feet up on the desk and started to consider my many daydreaming options. There were just too many themes and situations that I could plug into and frankly I wasn't really wanting to have to think too hard. Not at all in the heat of this particular moment. I also knew that somewhere the sun would be going down, inspiring or depressing random groups of people in odd numbers and outfits everywhere. Would that thought be my springboard? It turned out not to be and so I continued in my blankness with nothing substantial to flesh out the dream balloon structure I had constructed in my head. Usually it came in black and white, from the past, not the present and certainly not from the future, that was hard work and relied upon a very active and detailed imagination, too many things to piece together and explain, too many distracting rabbit holes. The past was best because it could be understood, explained but still manipulated. I had of course been there but not everywhere in it and the surroundings and most of the situations were familiar, all very helpful. Everything, even a day dream has it's limits and it's range. Ok here we go...someplace, probably in the stone kitchen, haggis and neeps were being prepared and the cookery process had just created a fantastic smell.

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