Saturday, March 15, 2014

A useful use for a useless item

Inside we are all pretty much the same; unless of course you happen to be an artist.
Smart Phone: The most useful part of the smart phone? The alarm clock. Other things that are tolerable, the phone and texting part, Twitter...that's about it. None of that prevents their relentless march onwards, what is a Samsung Account anyway?

Currys/Dixons/PCWorld are all the same thing, one big retail blob. They provide nice products, probably give good value but the customer service and the connections needed to make that work are ironically quite clumsy. I say this because despite the high tech and joined up products they peddle, their own systems fail to join up, messages don't get passed, updates aren't provided, clarity in operations (which with their technology  should be easier than ever to achieve) is as much of a struggle as it ever was. "Same as it ever was" you might say.

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