Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Post Industrial

From a Distance: The world we look out on every day presents us with the same, steady and simple puzzles. We ask the same wordless questions. Where is this? What is that? Why is it so? Who are they? And so on. We pose these inner and incestuous questions to ourselves as we stare into our own immediate space and into the wider reaches of what passes for some geographical and social construct that we mindlessly inhabit; civilisation. Every part of the earth has been altered and tainted, touched by the indian sandals, military boot heels, tyre tracks, evil poison gasses and the rolling tides of plastics and pollution that flow out in all directions. The fierce and terrible byproducts and excrement from the systems that ooze tired options to give us a quality of life and scientific capability that exceeds all that ever came before. Here it is, on our doorstep and we hardly know a thing about it's deep and dark inner workings, it's thoughts or it's soft underbelly that awaits the fatal knife wound borne out of too much progress in too little time with too little consideration. Did I ever mention that I'm buying a Porsche 911 and going on a sacred pilgrimage to every drive through Macdonalds within the Arctic Circle?

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