Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nothing remarkable

Cat v pigeon.
This afternoon we've pigged out on pizza, salad and Vichyssoise. The couch, which had been beckoning from a distance finally captured us in it's leathery arms and we were won. Somewhere on wastelands of the BBC2 Saturday the Liberals were gaining more unwatchable coverage of their evolving car crash life cycle. Hard to watch, impossible to believe in. Time to fall back onto saved television experiences, "Shetland", a bit like the Bridge or Borgen but set on a strange wee island north of the Scottish mainland where grim faced characters are determined to murder one another in order to settle family scores and the many bitter disputes that rage over lands and development. The cliffs and the churning seas figure strongly, many long and winding roads and artificial looking pubs also appear and threats and opportunities from the oil and gas industry continually arise. Old Volvos chug around quietly in the background untouched by rust or repair work. Then there's the local knowledge and the unlikely coincidences. I think I'm saying that it looks good but there are problems with the script and the plotting. The actors are all fine Scottish examples of actors and the landscapes are suitably moody; fiddle music occurs now and then and whisky drinking always looks slow and civilised. The verdict: some dysfunctional and surly local did it, overall mark for the show 7/10. Then, TV off, in an unexpected moment of veterinary discovery I was able to learn how to remove ticks from cats. Remarkable.

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