Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kirkcaldy and back to the wild

Grey concrete abounds.
The new pool and health complex, looks nice; stark and Cubist.
Today my random journeys around Fife found me in Kirkcaldy. The truth is I was also there yesterday but failed to get any further than some well established NHS premises but today I explored a bit beyond the broad new roadways and housing estates of the north side. My impressions were not good, Kirkcaldy is definitely down at heel despite some courageous attempts to improve it. It's as if there is no reason for it to be there, like it is a parasite on itself, consuming it's own smoke and discarded chewing gum. History and geography have conspired against it, the inner political will looks feeble and the economy is clearly depressed. The High Street would make most Eastern European places look good, all newly paved and sorted but flanked by old and desolate buildings supporting dull shops, bleak pubs and fatty cafes that have run out of ideas and customers. Fife and the good people of Kirkcaldy deserve better.
In other news, heres a cat that catches mice and then drops them in the bath as some sort of playful torture. You'll be glad to hear that the mouse was rescued and set free; back into the wild.

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