Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thanks George

Does anything ever really change? Thanks to the Tories for recognising that all that the hardworking families of the UK really need is Beer and Bingo and maybe the hope of a little value being added to pensions and if you can gather them,  savings. We are all equally patronised and ignored by this system, by politicians that can see not good in the actions of their rivals and nothing bad in their own. This strange, monochrome world does not exist in any real sense but in politics and power it does. Sad but true. So pointless debates will rage, young people will be drawn in, old people will be chewed up and spat out and poor people will be blamed for everything. 

In other non-budget news our rock collection has grown. We always had it really but it formed part of the house, now it's slowly being removed and moved elsewhere; now the collection is visible.

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