Friday, July 17, 2015

Cultural event of the week

David Bailey's Stardust exhibition is on in Edinburgh having already toured Europe and the free world for a while before. Here in the city of swishing trams, cold winds and windows and irregular paving slabs it's set up home. Grey amongst the black and white. There are some great, signature pieces on display, the 60s and 80s featuring the strongest images, all familiar and resonant for those of us of a certain age. I wandered around in a monochrome daydream for a happy and innocent hour looking into the eyes of those iconic faces. The Rolling Stones are all there, Kate Moss, the Beatles, Andy Warhol and the lovely Jean Shrimpton. Somehow it seems as if people like that will never come round again and here they are, dead or older but captured, smiling, sneering, vacant and posing as if yesterday was yesterday. You still can hear the evocative long gone click of the lens and the 35mm motor sound echo in the distance, down some time tunnel where we are forever young, like all those images. 

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