Monday, July 06, 2015

Shove it BBC

A graphic clearly more interesting than the lyrics themselves.
What is it with the slimy and fear mongering remarks of George Osborne and the BBC? He said in his finely rounded tones that (blah blah) because of Greece (all round bad boys and morally reprehensible in every way) we (?) need to get our house in order (so let's have a bit more austerity here you thick feckin' plebs, so pay the never ending price for not voting Tory) and the BBC in true brainwashing fashion repeat and reheat the stupid soundbite and lie five times in an hour between 5pm and 6pm on the rapidly deteriorating Radio Scotland news channel.  Well there's utter contempt for the listener and relentless brainwashing and pushing the fear factor where it just doesn't belong, in my humble opinion. BBC, you just lost another dumb ass listener (apart from Brian Matthew on a Saturday morning, get yourself up at 8am sharp!).

A graphic more interesting than the music.

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